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What's new?

ASFD Resource Listing. Due to being out of date, the resource listing has been taken offline.

What is BBIF?

Big Babies, Infantilists, and Friends (BBIF) is a collection of resources for adult babies, diaper fetishists, people who don't want to act their age, friends and lovers of the above, and anyone else that might find our group helpful. We're trying to provide intelligent, spam-free, non-commercial resources that everyone can use.

If you'd like to comment on our web services, send mail to . If you would like to subscribe/unsubscribe from any of our e-mail services, send mail to .


BBIF E-Mail List -- [More Information]
This is the most popular service that we provide. It allows members to send e-mail messages that every other member will receive. You will also receive such postings from other members.

Historical Information
We used to host a resource list and the ASFD FAQ here. We've moved them to a separate page for historical purposes, since they've fallen into disuse.

ASFD FAQ -- [Text] [HTML version not currently available]
A Great Starting Point for Newborns
The frequently asked questions (FAQ) file for the Usenet newsgroup (ASFD).

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