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What is the BBIF E-mail List?

Big Babies, Infantilists, and Friends (BBIF) is actually a group of e-mail lists. The two most basic are the all-purpose bbif-discuss and the low-traffic bbif-announce. There are also the regional lists:
bbif-bwiBaltimore / Washington D.C.
bbif-dfwDallas / Fort Worth
bbif-pnwPacific Northwest, including Seattle
ba-bbifSan Francisco Bay Area

bbif-deutsch also exists for our german speaking members.

Why BBIF? There are already too many places!

Member participation is encouraged -- The lists are just e-mail forums where any member can send e-mail and have it go to every other subscriber on the list. The topic sometimes wanders and the traffic varies widely. The signal-to-noise ratio is very favorable, since there is no spam. Anyone is welcome on the lists no matter if they are an adult baby, diaper fetishist, other assorted age play afficianado, mommy/daddy, friend, or confused partner of any of the above.

No kiddie porn! -- A warning to subscribers: these lists are intended for adults discussing activities involving other consenting adults, not for any activities involving minors. If this is what you want to talk about, you have the wrong place. Our subscribers are generally an open and accepting lot, but neither they nor the administration will show much tolerance on this subject.

We're free and not a commercial service -- BBIF is non-commercial and not-for-profit, and the services we provide are free of charge. It exists solely for the benefit of the participants. We aren't trying to sell you anything, and we won't give your name to anyone who is selling anything. We adhere to a strict policy of privacy for our subscribers. Many people lurk and never post, and no one is the wiser. We have very few expenses, but if you are able to contribute time, used equipment, or even money I'm certain that we can put it to good use.

Privacy is of the utmost concern -- We don't give your name or any other information out to anyone else. You can anonymously lurk as long as you like, and as long as you never post, none of the other participants will ever know you were here. (Barring some cracker violating the security of our systems or a court order.) This also means, don't ask us for the names of other participants in your area.

I'm convinced, where do I sign up?

No matter which list you want to subscribe to, the address for subscription/un-subscription and other administrative requests is:

Are there archives?

There used to be member-only accessible archives of the lists, but the machine serving as home for these archives is no longer functional. Maybe such an archive will exist again some day.

There are archives for the newsgroup available currently. Links to that are listed under Resources on our main page.

BBIF-Discuss is a little busy for my mailbox, is there a digest version?

Absolutely! This is a recent addition, but is perfect for those that check their e-mail infrequently. There were many that were unhappy with the interruption that 10-20 messages a day caused, but wanted something more than the two messages a month that BBIF-Announce has.

This option basically just concatenates a day's worth of BBIF-Discuss messages into one big message, and then sends that to you. It is a lot easier to deal with than 20 separate messages floating around. If you find BBIF-Discuss to be too much, just send mail to and tell us that you want to be switched over to BBIF-Digest.

Why isn't BBIF-Discuss moderated?

The basic forum remains unmoderated. However, you can receive the same forum in a moderated form. If you specifically request BBIF-Discuss-Moderated, each BBIF-Discuss message must be approved by one of our moderators before it is forwarded on to you. More information on BBIF-Discuss-Moderated.

When I hit the reply button, why does it just send a message back to the sender and not the whole list?

Every mail client I've ever seen has two buttons: reply and reply to all. The first replies to the sender, and the second sends to the whole list. Some mailing lists have configured themselves to make both buttons do the same thing. This often leads to embarassment when someone didn't intend to send a message to the whole list. For some of the sensitive topics that people chat about on the list, I would rather err on the safe side.

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