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Here are some vendors that supply products that people on this news group might be interested in. Additions, corrections, and modifications to We do not imply any guarantee of the quality or suitability of this information for any purpose, most of it is collected by hearsay. The only way it does stay remotely up to date is through the reader's efforts.

Section A

places that are infantilist, et al. friendly
AB Universe
P.O. Box 927
Duvall, WA 98019
Tel: 800.383.2808

ABU Disposable Diapers -- Printed frontal tape with teddy bear design. Super absorbent with soft leg gathers.

added 2008-06-28

Aby Exchange

The AB equivalent of Ebay.

(added 2000-01-22)

Association Baby Cocooning (ABC)

French AB club.

Annie's Orphans
P.O. Box 1199
Woodstock, NY 12498
Tel: (914) 679-4030

(formerly TDM Unlimited
P.O. Box 2369
Kingston, NY 12401)

Plastic pants, diapers, footed sleepers, onesies, and clothing. Some cotton clothing and specialty items are also sometimes available.

Under new management. "Annie" now runs the business, instead of "Rob." Rob still remains actively involved.

(Updated 1994-04-01 by

Auntie Annie's Sissy Adult Babywear Store
Mrs Andrea Bromley
35 Warwick Street
Stourport on Severn
DY13 8JB

From Annie: "I have a UK based shop selling AB related clothes and accessories. I have been making clothes for AB's and selling on eBay for many years and have recently decided to create my own shop on the internet."

(Added 2008-06-22 by Annie)

Babykins Products Ltd.
8171 Seafair Drive
Richmond, B.C.
V7C 1X3
Tel: (604) 275-2255 or (800) 665-2229
Fax: (604) 275-2255

Highly recommended by many ABs. They are AB aware, but not everyone in the company wants to hear about it.

(out of date price list deleted)

(Supplied by Grumpy Bear, 1993-11-04)
(Updated 1994-05-18 by durgan)

*Note from Grumpy Bear*

I highly recommend style #10500 (Velcro Closure Briefs). They are identical to the baby sized ones. The velcro system was well thought out by employing a full strip across the front of the diaper. They even went so far as to provide extra strip of (eye material) that neatly covers the (hook material) from collecting fuzzballs in the drier. DPF sells the exact same diaper, for about $4(US) more than you can obtain them from Babykins.

(prices and address updated 1995-02-13 by
(URL updated 2000-03-07)

Bambino Diapers
c/o The Bottom Half Group, LLC
50 Woodside Road
Suite 217
Redwood City, CA 94061
Tel: (650) 266.9286

The Bambino Brief - a designer adult baby diaper. With or without printed front panel. Manufactured by Secure Personal Care Products.

added 2008-06-28

Unit 11-239
4040 Creditview Rd.
Mississauga, ON
L5C 3Y8

Adult Baby World publishes a magazine and catalog. First magazine was very well written, with wonderful stories. Catalog is somewhat like Carolyn's Kids, and offers more clothes than adult baby products. A must for any well dressed baby to have. (formerly ABW)

They may have sold off their clothing business, and may only sell hypnotic tapes and publications now.

A Better Absorbent Incontinence Product
PO Box 287
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
Tel: 888-401-5311

Sells Molicare, Abena, and other disposable products. Run by Brian. They turn their boxes inside out for discreet shipping. They try to keep their prices below other vendors. Also willing to break down cases into smaller shipments, useful for part-time AB/DLs.

(added 2000-02-13)
(updated 2000-05-24)
(updated 2001-04-29)

Bobbie's Drop Seats
Bobbie Tawse
P.O. Box 524
Lancaster, CA 93584
Tel: 661-729-6139

Frilly dresses. Spanking videos.

Carolyn's Kids
P.O. Box 611
Revere, MA 02151-0611
Tel: (617) 662-4432

Large selection of adult baby clothes and accessories. In business for over 20 yrs. Send $10 for the AB/DL/juvenile/sissy catalog (overseas customers should add $5 for shipping and handling). $200 in coupons included with catalog. Video & color catalog also available ($35 + $5p/h). Special discount of $40 for both.

Items sent in plain, unmarked, envelopes/boxes. Plastic pants in pastel colors. Many prints including Disney. Diapers, footed sleepers, lap shirts, onesies, trainers, cobbler bibs, rubber panties, shoes, sissybaby dresses, rhumba panties, infant gowns and other clothing.

Rumored to have changed owners sometime in 1998-99.

(updated 1997-09-29)
(updated 2000-03-07 by

Classy Comfort Diapers
Tel: 1-605-868-2246

The only AB disposable diaper with a fully printed cover.

added 2008-06-28

Diaper Pail Friends (DPF)
38 Miller Ave Suite 127
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Tel: 415-381-9105

Everything for the adult baby; adult baby clothes, and a variety of other adult baby supplies such as large pacifiers, publications, hypnotic and subliminal tapes. Ships everything in discreet packages. Many consider it to be the definitive place for finding adult baby goods, but also complain because the prices are higher than other suppliers.

Diaper Station
P.O. Box 13355
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Diapers, mattress, and pillow covers with nursery prints.

Have patience, because they are a small operation and got overwhelmed during Christmas of 2000.

May be associated with Safe Comfort?

(added 2001-03-12 by netmuffin)
(updated 2001-04-29)

Fetware Products LLC

Nursery print plastic pants, snap crotch romper, rhumba panties, and more. Run by Joan and Mike.

Accepts credit cards. Ships anywhere in world.

(added 2000-03-04 by
(updated 2001-04-29 by

H. B. Enterprises -- Mummy Hazel High Heels
C/O 43 South Hill Road
Gravesend, Kent DA12 IJX
Tel: +44 1634 571 396 M-F 2-6pm GMT
Fax: +44 1634 852 737 (fax changed to the above number too?)
For shop:
158 Windmill Rd
Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5PE, United Kingdom

Full color catalogs 1 & 2 (#10 each Stirling) of adult baby clothes (Precious Baby Wear).

Hush-a-bye Baby club, Videos, Books, and Tapes. Cradle Room & Nursery available.

Here some of the made to measure clothes available (over 200 in catalog):

Broderie Anglais best party bib. Boys brace & bib set, Wincyette. Baby Grow. Colored PVC pull-ons, as available. Clear PVC pull-ons, 3 rows of frills. Rubber pull-ons, semi-trans, or pink. Transparent PVC pull-ons. PVC popper pants. PVC lined bib with crumb pocket. Wooden cot with bars. Crum catcher bib with sleeves. Double transparent trainer pants. Trainers, patterned PVC. Frilly, cotton, yoked peticoat. Gingham bonnet. Gingham baby pants. Gingham frock, yoked with frill. Gingham outfit compete. Frilled satin party dress. Folding wooden high chair Push chair adult 12 stone in weight. Patterned PVC romper.

(added 1995-02-26 by

1-10-27 washiro,Higashi-ku
Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka-Ken

Publishes "BABY-MATE", which is a magazine for adult babies & infantilists. Accepts English letters. Also sells adult baby clothes, diaper covers, and a few misc. sexually related items.

(added 1995-08-05)

Postfach 140163
7530 Pforzheim

Rubber and plastic clothing, including a large selection of waterproof pants and some diapers. The proprietor does not speak English at all, so when writing for her catalog please say "Ich bitte um Zusendung Ihrer Kataloge 'Hygiene-Bekleidung'". At last contact the price was 20 DM for the catalog (300 products). DM only! No checks, money orders or foreign (non-German) currency.

(updated 1997-05-07
(updated URL 1998-10-06 direct)
(updated URL 1999-09-11

P.O. Box 11632
Columbia, SC 29211 USA

This is an adult baby company run by "Nurse Linda Latex," who wrote some of the first stories on infantilism in "Rubber Life" and "Rubber Nurse" magazines. She has "The Wet Set Shop" catalog, which contains AB vignettes, her stories, case histories, incontinent guide, and hypnotherapy tapes for temporary or permanent incontinence. She also offers a series of adult baby lessons for solo training. Send a business size SASE for the free catalog.

(updated 1995-02-27 by

One further note especially for people outside the US, they only accept cash or US Postal Service money orders. No personal checks, credit cards, or other money orders.

(updated 1995-02-28 by editor)

Ivy Hill Products
29 Ivy Hill Drive
Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Tel: (800) 489-3353 or (908) 583-8101

A pretty standard incontinence care goods supplier. They know about the AB community and are accepting of our needs. Everything is shipped in unmarked boxes. Free samples available upon request.

(added 1996-01-14 by

Some ABs were having trouble getting through and their number might be disconnected. Does anyone know whether they are still in business? Their web page is still active.


[Phone disconnected and no response at forwarded address. 1999-03-24 by]

JK Perfect Personal Products
P.O. Box 13383
Scottsdale, AZ 85267-3383
Tel: (602) 948-0901

Diapers, waterproof pants, rubber pants, bibs and so much more. Does not accept credit cards?

Post-office box 168

Does not accept English letters. A few adult baby clothes, etc. Limited selection, but exclusively AB service.

(added 1995-08-05)

Postfach 1047
7530 Pforzheim, Germany

US Distributor:
Pass Distributing Corporation
Irvine Showroom Office & Warehouse
18021 Skypark Circle E. Suite E
Irvine, California 92714
Tel: (714) 261-2040
Fax: (714) 833-0807
Tel: (800) 622-4288 (Nationwide)

AB aware fetish supplier. They have a catalog dedicated solely to AB apparel.

Life Styles Emporium
1234 Brommer Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Tel: 831-476-1234
Fax: 831-477-1554

Started off as a medical supplier to incontinent folks, but soon included the unrealized AB market in her product line. Accepts orders via phone, e-mail, fax, or in person, even by credit card. Still organizing the showroom, but are including more AB specific products every day. Currently include nursery print diapers, plastic pants, rhumba pants, changing pads, onsies, and bibs. Also sell traditional incontinent supplies, including disposable diapers, and will bill insurance.

Works closely with suppliers on new products and designs. Currently trying to develop an AB-specific disposable diaper that is absorbent enough for incontinent people, and also has AB features like a nursery print taping panel.

Peggy occasionally throws parties and other events for her customers as well. Her store is quiet, secluded, well-lit, and non-threatening. A definite place to visit if you are ever near Santa Cruz.

(added 1998-11-01 editor)

The Little Rascals
Richard Dawson
107 Dulverton Road
Ruislip Manor
Tel: (+44) (0)1895-470966
[Old Tel: (+44) (0)1895 635501]

A UK AB club. They hold get-togethers once a month. Here's some info they supplied.

The Little Rascals is a club for Adult Babies all over the world. We can supply all your baby needs, from terry nappies, disposables, and we even supply tailor made Adult Baby clothes made from top quality material by a qualified seamstress who designs and makes proper baby clothes for Harrods, London. The cost for any single article is NO MORE than 45 Pounds Sterling, excluding any delivery charges.

Dont feel left out if you don't live in the UK, because we will deliver anywhere in the world, and have lots of contacts in America, Australia, Europe, and all over.

(added by 1996/01/07)

PO Box 8005
Emeryville, CA 94662

Baby Wendy photos. Watersports videos.

LL Medico
1512 West Chester Pike #255
West Chester, PA 19382-7754
Tel: (610) 436-8831
Fax: (610) 436-4537

AB aware according to a statement on their website. Mostly plastic pants, even prints.

(added 2000-01-21)

NK Products
P.O. Box 1184
Dept. M (changed 1995-02-07
Teaneck, NJ 07666-1184

In business for 14 years. Sell cloth and disposable diapers, large diaper pins, rubber pants, vinyl pants in baby colors, both transparent and baby print, baby bottles with baby designs, vinyl romper in baby colors and designs, big bibs, and pacifiers in different shapes and sizes.

They also publish a monthly newsletter titled "Adult Baby World."

Ship within 3 weeks with check, less for money orders. They will also ship orders and mailings discreetly.

Their general manager is reachible at He says that "we are a consumer friendly company."

(added 1994-12-19

Renas Ultra Boutique
76 Bank Street
Seymor, CT 06483
Tel: (203) 888-5164 or (800) 828-7362

TV & AB items available. No catalog, but the store carries many items. Stories for sale too. Supposedly getting out of the AB supply business.

(updated 1995-11-08)
(updated 1995-12-18)

Tel: +44 (0)7757-180783

Supplier of Suprima plastic pants, traditional styles of PVC pants, and sissy PVC clothing items. Typical over 90% of items are in stock. They are located in the UK, but ship anywhere in the world. In business since 2005.

added 2008-07-09 by

Sininger's Enterprises
PO Box 604
South Sioux City, NE 68776
Tel: 402-494-1744

[previous info]
816 South Celcelia
Sioux City, IA 51106
Tel: 712-276-7506

[previous info]
509 West 9th Street
South Sioux City,NE 68776-2008

Plastic pants, cloth diapers, and disposable diapers. They now have a video catalog of their products ($22.00).

Also sell Molicare products.

(added 1996-08-05 by
(updated 1998-11-08 by ozarkmtn)
(updated 2001-04-29)

Slimwear Of America
P.O. Box 997
Eastsound, WA 98245
Tel: (360) 376-5213
Fax: (360) 376-5231

Latex and soft rubber products, including adult baby pants, and sheets. Also latex fetishist video tapes, books, etc. Rubber waterproof pants in colors. Lock on rubber pants. Limited infantilist products.

Sanwa Syuppan Co. Ltd.
Hunter-Buld. 3-6-14
Misaki-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo, JAPAN
Tel: 03-3237-1175

Published "OMORASHI-KURABU", an adult baby book for diaper fetishists. Publishing company for sexual related magazines & books. Accepts English letters.

(added 1995-08-05)

PO Box 429, Dept W
Orange, CA 92666

They carry an adult baby catalog which includes: sleeping outfits, bibs, blankets, diapers, rubber panties, knickers, shoes, dresses, and sleepers. Definitely leaning towards the sissy baby.

50 Eversholt St.
[or is that 52 Eversholt St?]
London, NW1
071 388 0627

Small selection of rompers and nappies, all high quality. Mainly a TV/TS shop though, so that is why infantilist selection is limited. Friendly and helpful, free coffee if you stop by.

V. I. Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 63
Three Oaks, MI 49128
Tel: 616-756-3561
Tel: 616-756-7382

They sell: vinyl pants - pull on and snap on. Wonder diapers - Cotton flannel Diaper pants - Diaper sewn inside vinyl pants Fancy Pants - Vinyl pull on pants with assorted cloth coverings, including Rhumba style.

This company is infantilist aware and quite happy to serve our needs. Apparently Gerber used to have an adult division of vinyl products, and later decided that this division was not profitable and shut it down. Two former employees bought out the patents and other necessary legal stuff to manufacture the old Gerber adult products under the name Vinyl Incontinent Products.

They have both pull-on and snap-on variety plastic pants. They range in price from US$8.15 - $10.00. They also have plastic pants with an absorbant liner, cloth diapers, "fancy" plastic pants, and nursery prints. Lace is also available.

(added url 2005-07-25 klloren)

V. Jensen
P.O. Box 1201
Whittier, CA 90609-1201
Tel: (562) 690-8501

Carries plastic pants in pastel colors and prints, Babykins diapers (among others), and diapers in prints. Pull-on diaper briefs in sizes from youth to adult. Very prompt, since they usually have the items in stock; orders in the mail within 2 days. Doesn't seem like a big operation, but very reliable. Customers from all over the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Call or write for current catalog and price list.

(1994-12-04) (1998-11-01 direct)

Spoke with Dan. He was very friendly and willing to discuss the plusses and minuses of different types of disposables. He indicated the he personally used Attends. I get the impression that if asked he would indicate awareness of the AB scene.

(21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

Accepts credit cards. Over 1000 customers now.


Website under construction and will be ready soon. In business wince 1993.

(2000-10-05 by

PO Box 245
Burton-on-Trent, Staffs.
DE14 2ZY

AB clothing.

Section B

places that sell to the public, but might not know about infantilists, et al.
AC Medical Supplies
P.O. Box 29011
Westmount Mall, London,
Ontario, Canada N6K 1M0

Angel Fluff Diaper Co.
P.O. Box 1131
Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091
Tel: (800) 996-2644
Tel: (931) 359-9604
Fax: (931) 359-8420
[Old Web:]

Plastic pants. Diapers. Prints available. Onsies. Many have commented that the service is very fast and the products are of good quality.

A-T Surgical Manufacturing Co., Inc.
115 Clemente St.
Holyoke, MA 01040
Tel: 413-532-4551 or 800-225-2023
Fax: 413-532-0826

Mostly limb and back supports/braces, and other patient aides. Limited incontinence products include waterproof pants, rubber sheeting, and a re-usable pant-pad set.

(updated 1995-03-07 by

Cotton Wood Baby Products
1267 Mountain Church Road
Brockport, PA 15823
Tel: (814) 265-8009
Fax: (814) 265-1448

Blueberry Hill Babies
R.D.1, Box 422
West Decatur, PA 16878
Tel: (814) 342-0721

Previous address:
Mainely Baby Bottoms
EZ Bottoms Diaper Products
RFD 2 Box 6781
Jay, Maine
Tel: (207) 645-3465

[the following ordering information is also probably out of date]

(1993-10-20, editor)
(new address 1994-12-04)

Briggs Corporation
7887 University Blvd.
P. O. Box 1698
Des Moines, IA 50303-1698
Tel: 1-800-247-2343
Fax: 1-800-222-1996

Primarily a hospital and health care goods supplier to institutional facilities, but they will sell to the public for individual use. Most of the 712 page catalog is given over to specialty stationery, office equipment, and patient care equipment (wheel chairs, blood pressure monitors, etc.). Urology/Incontinence products include catheters, underpads, rubber sheeting, cloth and disposable diapers.

One variety of disposable diaper they carry advertises leakage control guard "leg-cuffs." From the photo they appear to function more like the elastic gathers on Attends or Depends, rather than the "leak-guards" on baby diapers or Goodnites (which are in addition to the standard elasticized leg openings).

(updated 1995-03-07 by

Camp International, Inc.
P.O. Box 89
Jackson, MI 49204
Tel: 517-787-1600 or 800-492-1088

Waterproof pants.

Charles MacWatt
Hand Made Shoes To order
7 Christmas Steps
Bristol, England
Tel: 0117-921-4247

Not an AB supplier, but one reader suggests they make very good hand made T-Bar Sandles.

(added 1995/12/24)

Comco, Inc.
P.O. Box 9039
North Saint Paul, MN 55109-0039
Tel: (800) 348-8375, (800) 779-8120, or (612) 779-7313 [(800) 328-9658 too?]
Fax: (612) 779-0871

Phone orders 9AM-4PM central time.

Comco makes a high quality plastic panty, in both pull on and snap side models. They also sell absorbant products. The plastic pants are made with a heavy vinyl. They also sell real rubber pants.

They also sell a Disney print plastic pant that is not listed in the catalog. You can order them over the phone just fine though. It is of the same quality construction as their other pants, but is just made out of a cute print plastic. They are double the price of their regular pants though.

(updated 1998-04-16)
(updated 2000-06-30 by cypop)
(updated url 2005-07-25 klloren)

Contenta, Inc.
3343 Peachtree Corners Circle Suite C
Norcross, GA 30092
Tel: 404-446-2235

Cloth diapers, liners.

P.O. Box 1198
Bowling Green, KY 42104
Tel: 502-843-1070 or 800-253-3078

Disposable diapers.

Duraline Medical Products
7-13 E Main Street
P.O. Box 67
Leipsic, OH 45856
Tel: (800) 654-3376
Tel: (419) 943-2044

Diapers and waterproof pants. They also sell a diaper doubler and Nikky like products for adults. Orders out in 3-4 days.

New customers calling the 800 number should be prepared to state their 'medical diagnosis' and date of birth. While the order clerk was, in the end, extremely friendly and helpful, I was taken aback by the questions. She said they asked the questions to help recommend the appropriate products, and that they liked to send out birthday cards to customers.

Duraline's catalog does not list 'Rubber Duckies' though they sell nylon waterproof pants (which appear similar if not identical) under the name 'dura tex.' Duraline also carries Molicare diapers.

'Discreet packaging' is available ON REQUEST ONLY.

Comparison of prices between Duraline and HDIS (Home Incontinent Delivery Service) based on catalogs received 12/1/94 shows HDIS cheaper for Attends, Tranquility Booster pads, and other items.

Duraline allows you to create your own sample pack of various diaper brands. Call them for more details.

(updated 1994-05-18 by durgan)
(updated 1994-12-04 by
(URL added 1998-09-11 khaymen)

Duro-Med Industries, Inc.
301 Lodi Street
Hackensack, NJ 07602
Tel: 201-488-5055

Disposable diapers, liners, waterproof pants.

Edley Enterprises, Inc.

Cloth diapers, cloth contoured diapers, waterproof pants. Very good vinyl pants, discreet shipping, double thick "overnighter" diapers, and colored diapers. Colored diapers are available in pink, yellow, and blue for $2.00 extra per diaper. They even send by insured U.S. mail regularly.

They have been bought out by Lifestyle Emporium. Peggy Lu even moved the original sewing machinery, so the product should be identical.

First Quality Products, Inc.
40 Cotter Mill Road #302
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: 516-829-3030

Disposable Diapers, waterproof pants. (May have become Woodbury.)

George Disposables
P.O. Box 5887
Old Dunbar Road
West Columbia, SC 29171
Tel: 803-796-9196

Disposable diapers.

Geri-Care Products
252 Wagner Street
Middlesex, NJ 08846
Tel: 908-469-7722 (1995-02-06

Cloth diapers, cloth contoured diapers, waterproof pants.

Health Tec, Inc.
First Street
Palmer, MA 01069-0720
Tel: 413-289-1221 or 800-343-1205

Disposable diapers, liners.

Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies Co., Inc. (HDIS)
1215 Dielman Industrial Court
Olivette, MO 63132
Tel: (800) 269-4663
Tel: (800) 538-1036

Previous address:
325 Paul Ave.
Ferguson, MO
Tel: 800-538-1036

All variety of disposable diapers available discreetly via UPS, including their own exclusive brand of briefs. Mostly sell in quantity, but sample packs are available. Subscription service is available at reduced rates. Accept Visa and MC for phone orders.

(address change 1995-09-09 by

Humanicare International, Inc.
1200 Airport Road
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Tel: 201-214-0660 or 800-631-5270

Dignity pants and pads.

5667 Snell Ave.
Suite 153
San Jose, CA 95123
Tel: 800-394-WRAP

Waterproof diaper cover with pouch.

Kinetic Concepts Inc.
P.O. Box 8588
San Antonio, TX 78208-0588
Tel: 512-225-4092 or 800-531-5346

No longer sell disposable diapers, just pads. They have discontinued their adult disposable diaper line.

(21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

KCK Medical
14941 Calvert Street
Van Nuys, CA 91411
Tel: (888) 880-1967
Tel: (818) 997-8574
Fax: (818) 997-6770

Discount disposable diapers, including the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Brief and Abri-Let Booster Pad without plastic backing.

added 2008-06-28

Medical Disposables Company
1165 Hayes Industries Drive
Marietta, GA 30062-2428
Tel: 404-422-3036 or 800-241-8205

or maybe
Medical Disposibles
1169 Canton Rd.
Marietta, Georgia 30066
Tel: (770) 422-3036]

Disposable diapers, diaper liners, waterproof pants.

6612 Colgate Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4205
Tel: 800-825-1288 or 313-653-7633
Fax: 313-651-0225

Old E-Mail:

They have this new European diaper, IDslip, that some people were raving about. They offer free samples. (added 1998-09-20 RonRon)

(update 2001-04-29)


UK-based web pharmacy. They sell TENAslip products, including the super.

24 Sullivan Avenue
Newton, MA 02164
Tel: 617-244-6238
Tel: 800-762-9890

Birdseye and terry cloth diapers. Probably not AB aware.

(added 1997-09-10)
(updated 1998-05-27)

Nikky/Natural Baby Co., Inc.
RD 1 Box 160
Titusville, NJ 08560
Tel: 609-737-2895

Flannel diapers, waterproof pants, diaper covers, and bed-wetter pants; only sell up to 110lb sizes.

Pa-Less Health Care Products
P.O. Box 602212
Cleveland, OH 44102 USA
Tel: (800) 375-5733

Discount Tranquility and Attends diapers.

Professional Medical Products
P.O. Box 3288
Greenwood, SC 29648
Tel: 803-223-4281 or 800-845-4571

Disposable diapers, diaper liners.

Safe Comfort
Worldwide Interactive Netlink
P.O. Box 13355
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel: 631-231-8282 Ext: 25
Fax: 631-231-8701

Diapers, plastic pants, mattress covers, and adult diaper bags. The diaper bags are available in a variety of fabrics from very conservative to floral.

May be associated with Diaper Station?

(added 2001-03-12 by netmuffin)
(updated 2001-04-29)

Secure Personal Care Products
50 Woodside Road Suite #309
Redwood City, CA 94061
Tel: 1-866-440-0049

Try their X-Plus Taped Briefs, which is comparible to an Abena Abri-Form X-Plus. It has the added feature of a taping panel. They are also involved in the Bambino diaper for ABs.

added 2008-06-28

Special Clothes
PO Box 333
Hardwich, MA 02645
Tel: 508-430-5172
Tel: 703-683-7343

Previous Address:
20 W. Masonic View Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301

Makes specialty clothing for handicapped adults and children with "easy dressing" features. Much of this is indistinguishable from infant and toddler clothing. Some colors available, but no prints, except by special order from DPF.

(updated 1995-11-08)

Support Plus
99 West Street
Box 500
Medfield, MA 02052
Tel: 800-229-2910

Carry Depends, Dignity, and Curity adult disposable diapers. Kendall- Futuro referred these people as the place to call to get Curity brand disposables.

(21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

2650 Hvidovre
Vestre Strandvej 18
Tel: +45 61 67 54 33

Danish supplier of adult diapers and plastic pants. Only ships in Denmark!

(25-Mar-05, Fluffi)

Woodbury Products, Inc.
Dept. 250
4410 Austin Blvd.
Island Park, NY 11558
Tel: 800-777-1111 (new?)
Tel: (516) 431-4242 or (800) 879-3427

Various types of disposables, including discounted irregulars. Will send free samples. Also carry Molicare diapers. (1998-10-07 sdchater)

Section C

Manufacturers that don't sell direct to the public.
Bard Home Health Division
111 Spring Street
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
Tel: 201-277-8138 or 800-526-4930

Disposable diapers, diaper liners.

Basic American Medical Products
2935 Bankers Industrial Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30360 U.S.A.
Tel: (770) 368-4700
Fax: (770) 368-4701

Adult cribs and other hospital furniture.

(added 1998-01-14 by Grumpy Bear)

Bell-Horn (Wm. H. Horn & Bro. Inc.)
451 N Third Street
Philadelphia PA 19123-4197
Tel: 215-727-2773 or 800-366-4676

Disposable diapers, waterproof pants, diaper liners.

Gary Manufacturing Inc.
1124 Bay Blvd. Suite A
Chula Vista, CA. 91911
Tel: (619) 429-4479
Toll Free: (800) 775-0804
Fax: (619) 429-4810

Many of the nursery print plastic pants that you buy from AB suppliers are actually made by Gary.

(url updated 2006-03-10 by vendor)

HARD Manufacturing
230 Grider Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14215
Tel: (800) USE-HARD
Fax: (716) 896-2579

Sells a range of oversize metal cribs for the hospital market. They do not sell directly to the public, but they will refer you to a manufacturer's representative. Their cribs are also available in a variety of attractive enameled colors.

Hospital Specialty Company
7501 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44103-4896
Tel: 1-800-321-9832 or 1-800-228-3273 (1-800-B-AT-EASE)
[or maybe even (800) 538-8727]

"At Ease" adult briefs.

(added 1995-11-19 by
(updated 1995-12-01 by

They are a wholesaler to stores in the Cleveland area.

(updated 1996-01-27 by

Intera Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 1166
222 Third Street SE
Cleveland, TN 37311
Tel: 615-476-3264 or 800-654-8322

Cloth diapers, waterproof pants.


The Kendall-Futuro Co.
5801 Mariemont Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Tel: 800-933-0214 or 513-576-8000 (21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

Curity brand disposable diapers, liners, and waterproof bed sheeting.

They do not sell direct, but you can apparently order through WalMart, WalGreens, F&M, or Target. She did not know if the Curity disposables were repackaged under a private label for these stores or not.

(21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Adult Care Marketing
2001 Marathon Avenue
Neeah, WI 54956
Tel: 414-721-2000 or 800-242-6463 (WI ONLY) or 800-558-6423

"Depends" brand disposable diapers.

Mark One Healthcare Products
100 East 9th Avenue
Runnemede, NJ 80878
Tel: 609-939-5400 or 800-631-3549

Disposable diapers, diaper liners.

P.O. Box 448
Champlain, NY 12919-0448
Tel: 514-522-1224 or 800-361-4964

Cloth diapers, cloth contoured diapers, waterproof pants. (They recommend HDIS as a retail outlet for their products.)



This company bought out P&G's Attends product line in June 1999.

SCA Molnlycke
500 Baldwin Tower
Eddystone, PA
Tel: (610) 499-3700
Tel: (800) 992-9939
Fax: (610) 499-3396

SCA Molnlycke
Health Care Products
Southfields Road
Bedfordshire LU6 3EJ
Tel: 01582 677400
Fax: 01582 677502


They have offices in 18 countries.

Call them for a supplier near you. One of their products is called Tena Slip, an all-in-one disposable diaper in adult sizes. One person claims it looks and feels like a baby's diaper and don't leak, once you get the right size. The Super model is bulkier and very nice.

(added 1995-08-12)
(updated 1998-05-05)

300 Congress Street
Ripley, OH 45167
Tel: 513-392-4301 or 800-888-0867

Waterproof pants.

2014 Perry Place
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Tel: (904) 396-9627

Sells a range of oversize metal cribs for the hospital market. They do not sell directly to the public, but they will refer you to a manufacturer's representative.

Principal Business Enterprises, Inc.
Pine Lake Industrial Park
P.O. Box 129
Dunbridge, OH 43414-0129
Tel: 1(800)GO PEACH (467-3224)
Fax: (419) 352-8340

Manufacturer of Tranquility adult diapers. Will not sell direct, but will send samples and a list of suppliers in your area.


Proctor & Gamble Company
One Proctor & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel: 800-543-0480

"Attends" disposable diapers.

Whitestone Products, Inc.
40 Turner Place
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: 201-752-2700 or 800-526-3567

Ultrashield products.

Section D

Other, yet to be classified sources. Any help would be appreciated.
New Jersey
Tel: 800-882-0085

Nikky products in adult sizes. Disposable diapers.

They no longer import Nikky products into the US. They also do not seem to have a very large variety of products available.

(21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

Tel: 1-800-323-5547

Assortment of diapers. Adapted items, like spoons with extra large grips. Bedwetter sheets.

Connetquot West, Inc.
200 Allen Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Tel: 631-844-0055
Toll Free: 866-588-3888
Fax: 631-844-9095

Top Quality Incontinence Products, such as Adult, Toddler and Baby Diapers, Pants, Liners, Underpads, and Gloves. Visa, MasterCard, and New York State Medicaid. Carry Salk line of products.

The Courtly Lady
P.O. Box 2165
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-2165

[Here was a little blurb that was emailed to me.]

The Courtly lady is a new Mail Order business designed to provide quality fashions at reasonable prices. We are selling classic Country Western wear and Squard Dance petticoat fashions. Our intention is to make mail order buying easy, affordable and convenient. We offer personalized service and sizes for the big and small girl. We are fully licenced and comply with all Governmental regulations.

The Courtly Lady Presents three catalogs for your shopping pleasure!

o Petticoats And Pettipants o Skirts And Blouses o Classic Western Prairie

For those who may not know me, My name is Julie, and I have started my own personalized mail order business carrying apparral for the "girl" who is looking for something special. I will ship via UPS or Parcel Post ensuring prompt dependable service and the highest quality Fashion Apparel at prices to fit your budget. To receive your catalogs today, send $2.00 to cover printing and postage.

Emslee Products
Tel: 800-289-7237

At Ease Premium adult briefs

Better Living Products
909 E. Yorba Linda Blvd., Suite H
Placentia, California 92670
Tel: (714) 961-1950

Free catalog. Catalog may be $3.00 according to another source.

(added 03-06-95 by

114 Bassett St.
King City CA 93930
Tel: (800) 424-3133

The nice lady there said she still had some rubber duckies from Top Drawers in stock for $9.95 but she couldn't get more because Top Drawers is definately out of business. She is trying to find another source of pants and will have a brochure with their product line soon. I don't know if she is AB aware or not - I did not try to find out.

(added 04-28-95 by

Some have gotten the impression that they are trying to get out of the adult products business. Any more info?

P.O. Box 655
Port Stanley, ONT
NOL 2AO Canada

Plastic pants?

Alstate Medical Supply
3100 Ranchview Ln. North
Minneapolis, MN 55447-1460
Tel: 800-328-2915

Aware Diaper Co.
1024 9th Ave. #3
Greeley, CO 80631
Tel: (303) 352-6822

May be wholesale only.

Tel: (617) 224-6238

100% cotton diapers made to fit your specifications.

Indisposables Quality Care
18807 Dow Knob Road
Borden, IN 47106

Old: 1955 McLean Drive
Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 3J7
Tel: (800) 957-2749 M-F 8am-6pm EST
U.S. Distributor: 1-800-259-3099

They manufacture Adult printed incontinent briefs, similar to Babykins. But they have elastic at the front and back, and a much wider side with two velco strips. They also make a wide range of light, moderate, and heavy incontinent pants.

One person recommends their All-In-One brief. It is the only product they have seen that uses modern materials to their fullest. The waterproof outer layer is lined with a non-wicking soft lining, so it doesn't leak. It holds huge amounts. In addition, it has a wide crotch, making it a bit awkward to put one's legs together [only in the AB world is this considered a feature ;-)].

Dr. Leonard's Healthcare products
74 20th street
Brooklyn NY 11232

Plastic pants, reusable, briefs shields, disposable pads, oder eliminator spray, and more.

Payment: check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover.

(added 1995-08-15 by

Walter Drake
14 Drake building
Colorado Springs, CO 80940
Tel: 800-525-9291

Offers Water proof pants with flannel snap in liner, and snap side pants.

Payment: check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

(added 1995-08-15 by

Health House USA
Box 9034
Jericho, NY 11753

Offers Pad and Pant system.

Payment: check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX.

(added 1995-08-15 by

A-MED Health Care

Northwest Arkansas Paper Company
755 Gray Drive
Springdale, Arkansas 72764
Tel: 800-643-3068

disposable diapers. Probably not AB aware. Will send samples.

Peru, Indiana
Tel: (317) 472-3372

Business hours 8:00-17:00 local time. Credit card or check. Disposable diapers.

Caring Products International Inc.

Rejoice diapers.


Barracks Corps Diapers
13 Central Way
Ste. 40
Kirkland, WA 98033


Bear Bottom
537 S. Talbot Road
R.R. #1
Essex, Ontario
N8M 2X5 Canada
Tel: (519) 776-8959

flannel and terry cloth diapers, with velcro closures or pull-on styles. personal checks or money orders only.

Miss Marybeth's
Tel: (888) 547-7126

Home business that produces made-to-order custom diapers. They only accept phone orders. AB aware.

Greenline Medical Wholesale
Tel: (403) 948-0100
Tel: (800) 461-5006
Fax: (403) 948-0605

Adult pullup disposable briefs.

Zippidys Baby & Adult Products
Box 1546, 5250-60th Avenue NE
Salmon Arm, BC Canada V1E 4P6
Tel: (609) 832-8579
Old Tel: (604) 832-8576
Fax: (604) 832-8533
Res: (604) 832-2281
Old WWW:

Velcro pant with vinyl cover and elastic legs. All-in-one diaper. Pull-on plastic pants.

Kins Kinder Incontinent Supplies
A divsion of BabyKins Products
8171 Seafaire Dr.
Richmond B.C. Canada V7C 1X3
Tel: (800) 665-2229
Tel: (604) 275-2255
Fax: (604) 275-2255

Their products are also sold through JK Perfect Personal Products.

Associated Hygenic Products
Tel: (800) 683-6633

Certainty disposable briefs.

Peter Lampe GmbH
Postach 501208
22712 Hamburg, Germany

Amerdyne Corp.
231 Bobrick Dr.
Jackson, TN 38301
Tel: (901) 664-3000

disposables. will send samples.

MFB Inc.
2812 Prather Place
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Tel: 800-819-9490

diapers. plastic pants. AB clothing? Owner is "Randy".

(added 1996-10-07)

Mail Order Medical Supply
24700 Rockefeller Ave.
Valencia, CA 91355
(800) 232-7443

Pull-on disposable diapers. Discount prices.

(added 1998-05-05)

Postfach 30, 95502 Himmelkron, Germany
Tel: +49 - 9273 - 574 174
WWW: (German)
WWW: (English)

German incontinence supplier.

(added 1998-05-05)

Warmth-Wear, LLC.
PO Box 185
175 Church Street
Newdale, ID 83436
Tel: 888-300-7752
Fax: 208-359-0940

Adult pajamas with feet.

(phone added 1998-09-10 diaperbottom)

Drylife Limited
Old Rectory Close
Broughton Astley
Tel: 01455-282206
Fax: 01455-282206

incontinence supply.

Fun Fashion Clothing
attn. Wilfried Monteny
Sergeant De Bruynestraat 58
B-8400 Oostende (Belgium)
Tel: 32 59 325279

AB clothing.

(added 1997-01-03)

Gulf Stream Medical Supply
Tel: 800-347-2456

Sells Molicare. Ships discreetly.

(added 1999-07-06 by bubba)

Personal HomeCare Products
8851 Central Avenue G605
Montclair, CA 91763
Tel: (800) 551-5460

Gives free sample of new diaper manufactured by PaperPak.

(added 1999-07-14 by inkywonky)

AB aware clothing and diaper supplier.

(added 2000-02-10)

IDK Enterprises
7686 Richmond Highway, #102
Alexandria, VA 22306
Tel: 800-757-0710 or 703-660-3400

Sells Molicares, other disposable products, and plastic pants.

(added 2000-01-29)

Loving Comfort Diaper Company
P.O. Box 7564
York, Pennsylvania 17404
Tel: toll free 877-2 BEE DRY (877-223-3379)
Tel: 717-764-3392

Adult cloth diapers.

(added 2000-01-27)

AB Shopping

Holiday print plastic pants.

(added 2000-11-27)


AB/DL items from France.

(added 2000-05-06

Vinyl Wear

Vinyl and flannel incontinence/AB clothing. Locking plastic pants, mattress and pillow covers, bikini pants, and bloomers. AB aware.

(added 2000-08-13 by

C. Slavik
PO Box 12466
Seattle, WA 98111
Tel: 206-725-9391

AB books and magazines. Much cheaper than DPF.

(added 2000-08-02 by brettdy)

Edmonds Medical Supply, LLC
170 West Dayton
Suite 102A
Edmonds, Washington 98020
Tel: 425-775-6607
Fax: 425-771-8416
Toll Free: 888-804-4382

Supplier of Abena products.

Magic Medical
Tel: 734-207-0560
Toll Free: 877-245-7148

Supplier of Molicare products.

Section E

The Source Graveyard
Malik Industries, Inc.
RD#1 24 Phoenixville Pike
Malvern, PA 19355
Tel: 215-647-2680

This address is out of date, they have moved to Kenet Sq., PA. However they do not sell diapers or waterproof pants. They sell the "roll goods," that is the fiber fill or felt to manufactures of disposable diapers. They sell to manufacturers only. I would have outright removed them from the list, but this way you know why they are no longer on the list.

Pro-Health Company
P.O. Box 692
Lemont, IL 60439
Tel: 708-252-3603 or 800-654-6589

Cloth contoured diapers, waterproof pants. Get products to you fast. Even called to see how I liked them. Supposedly no longer sell diapers or pants.

Active Living
Laborie Medical Technologies
Tel: 1-800-522-3393

Cloth diapers. All-in-one cloth briefs.

Discontinued the Active Living catalog. They decided to concentrate on their medical diagnostic equipment sales. They recommed HDIS.

(updated 1995-09-09 by

Top Drawers
650 Ward Drive, Suite H
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Tel: (805) 683-6561
Fax: (805) 681-3510

This is the division of the R. Duck company tasked with selling their adult products. They have Rubber Duckies for adults in a wide variety of colors, in addition to other reusable products. They also sell Guppies in adult sizes. This is a pair of nylon sports shorts with integrated waterproof pants. Highly recommended.

Phone number listed is no longer in service. Directory assistance for Santa Barbara has no listing. (21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

Letters get returned as of March 1995. As far as anyone can tell they are out of business. (1995-09-02 by

Solefully Yours

I was contacted by this company and they requested that they be removed from this list. They said that they only deal with foot fetish and tickling videos, and they were getting a lot of calls from disappointed ABs.

(removed 1996-01-15 by

TAM Design

Munchkin says that he and his wife no longer have the time to make this work well, so they'd rather remove the entry from the resource list.

(added 1995-02-13 by Munchkin)
(removed 1996-01-22 by Munchkin)

ABC Designs
P.O. Box 741
Jaffrey Center, NH 03452
Tel: 603-532-6237

Clothes for the adult baby: one piece sleepers, diaper sets, jump suits, etc. WARNING: they are usually exceptionally slow. Don't expect to get your order for at least two months. I have also received a going out of business sale flyer from then, so this may or may not mean they will be around anymore.

Their phone number seems to have been disconnected, and they are not listed in the NH directory. [21-DEC-94, Munchkin]

Checked this phone number again and the person who answered the phone said they are out of business. [1995-11-21 CurtisK2@internetMCI.COM]

Little Thoughts
1040 Grant Road
Suit 155 Box 113
Mountain View, CA 94040

It is a newsletter and is published about every other month and it is free. It concentrates on being an unbiased resource guild, philosophy, tidbits and cute stories. It doesn't have anything that is overtly sexual. I have no idea if this newsletter has any infantilist content, I just got random e-mail about it., who does the HTML version of the resource list got mail that this place is out of business.

(removed 1996-01-27)

Tinkerbell's Treasures
P.O. Box 3765
London, SE5 8RY

A little expensive, but completely adult baby oriented.


Apparently they have merged in with H. B. Enterprises.

(removed 1996-03-02 by

Crissy's Creations
15817 Bernardo Ctr. Dr.
Suite #102-186
San Diego, CA 92127

Cotton Gauze / 100% Birdseye / Cotton Flannel Diapers ......$18.00 each Plastic Pants Pull-on Several Styles $8.50 each Plastic Pants Snap-on Several Styles $12.00 each Sissy style Plastic pants with lace on leg and waist bands $16.00 each Plastic Sheets $20 Twin Size to $25 for King sized beds Custom Made Baby Dresses 3 Piece Set $125.00 each Big Baby Onesies for $65.00 each Big Baby Bib $7.00 each

They also sell Picture Sets and a video or two. Talking to Baby Elliott he said that they are going to expand their product line greatly.

The catalog is $5, which is refunded on the first order with a certificate included with your first catalog. They ship priority mail for quick delivery and reasonable shipping costs.

(thanks to for the info)

According to many, it appears that Crissy's Creations is now out of business. A number of people have gotten letters returned (1995-10-05)

They experienced a disaster and lost all their inventory. They are attempting to get back on their feet. Hopefully this won't take too long. (1995-10-18)

Most everyone that placed an order in late 1995 should have gotten it by now. It sounds like they are back on their feet. (1996-01-27)

According to someone that knows Elliot personally, Crissy's Creations has filed for bankrupcy and is no longer in business. (1996-08-26)

Amber E.
BOX 723
Milpitas, CA 95035

Publishes the "Crib Sheet", a newsletter for infantilists, and many stories.

Apparently DPF bought up this business a while back and they now sell the stories.

Family Clubhouse
6 Chiles Ave.
Asheville, NC 28803
Tel: (704) 254-9236 or (800) 876-1574

They have polyester waterproof pants, diaper wraps, bed-wetter pants, and diapers for infants and small children. They make their own products, not a reseller.

No longer selling any adult products, just infant and youth.

Ashley's Boutique
2737 Dundas Street W.
Toronto, ON M6P 1Y1
Tel: (416) 767-3518
Fax: (416) 767-9723

These phone numbers seem to be disconnected and people can't seem to get letters through. This may suggest they are out of business or are closed for an extended period. Any help? (06-JUN-96 jschultz)

Sells TV / AB items. Has b/w line art catalog. Has AB club, and fantasy phone line. Ashely loves AB's and will take custom orders for clothes. She is slow but honest.

Ashley is very friendly, and is just starting an AB club. If you order her catalog $19 MO, Visa, or MC she will put you on the list and inform you of specifics when she has finalized plans for the club. All of Ashley's items are hand crafted and made to order.

I find her very easy to talk with and I am sure that she could arrange custom orders since all of her work is done by a seamstress. PS. She seems to be friends with Baby Mike of ABS. (21-DEC-94, Munchkin)

AB Playland
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (800) 866-5088

Apparently the owner died and AB Playland is now out of business.

(updated 1998-01-12)

Phone lines open 24 hours. Starting a nursery and sitting service. Also working on a club, magazine, pictures, and stories.

(added 1996-01-15 by

1004 Colorado St., Apt 6
Marseilles, IL 61341-1289
[updated 1996-04-14 by dperkins]
Previous Address:
P.O. Box 409
Marseilles, IL 61341-0409
Tel: (815)795-2525 xt. 2229 (BABY)
[phone # reported out of service 1995-11-21 by CurtisK2@internetMCI.COM]
[no response to snail mail 1999-03-24 by]

Adult Baby Services publishes stories and has a AB club. B/W catalog and cloth adult diapers, hour-glass shaped, with gathers at waist and legs and with and without velcro closures.

Bumkins Family Products
7720 East Redfield Road #4
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel: 800-553-9320

Waterproof pants. These phone #'s may no longer work, let me know if you have a new one.

Old phone number 602-483-7070 is no longer connected. (1999-03-24 by

Accurate Medical Supply
550 Hemphill St.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Tel: 800-552-8367 or 817-870-1240

Formerly carried Molicare diapers.

(updated 2000-11-09

Fashions by Tim
Tel: (888) 328-1314

AB Fashions. Online catalog. Run by ABs who hang out on the Internet and Compuserve's Section 7.

(added 1998-05-05)
(out of business 2000-08-08 by

AIS: Adult Incontinence Supply
Dept: AIS-AB
1215 31st Street
South Birmingham, AL 35205-2003

Previous address:
THE ABZ Services
PO Box 131143
Birmingham, AL 35213-1143

Previous address:
Mikey A
1215 31st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205

providing products for Adult Babies of all ages.

A number of people have had problems getting their entire order from time to time. If this happens AIS promises to correct the situation if you contact them.

(added 1996-01-11 by
(updated 1996-06-24 by
(out of business? 2000-12-09)

Quality Healthcare Products
P.O. Box 68
Gibbstown, NJ 08027
Tel: 609-229-6066

Reusable incontinence and bedwetting items.

(out of business 2004-09-30)

Voksne Babyers Verden
c/o Nicolai Lang
Glentehusene 35
DK-2620 Albertslund
Tel: +45 / 43 62 81 00 (Tuesday & Thursday 8pm - 10pm CET)
Fax: +45 / 43 62 81 00
bbs: +45 / 43 62 81 00 "Baby Paradise"

Publishes magazine in Danish for Scandinavia, have held a few meetings. Does currently not sell abroad, but keep watching the WWW site for updated information.

(updated 1996-05-06 by babylai)
See newer entries for Babylai

V. M.

Makes his own onsies.

No longer in business. Truncated info due to search engine overexposure. 2005-05-28

Section F

BBS Systems
The ByteMine AB BBS
Tel: (619) 596-2021
Old: (619) 660-9129]
San Diego, CA
(old WWW:

Make sure to check out the free Wetville forum for AB chat at the above URL.

[Here is a little blurb from Bill]

The ByteMine is an Adult BBS that specializes in AB material. With over 1000 Adult Baby users Worldwide, we are the largest AB BBS.

Our file collection contains over 50,000 Adult files @ 18 gigs and we offer the largest collection of AB Pictures and Stories available anywhere. Currently we have over 1200 AB files @ 85 megabytes. These are all available online and on CD too!

Our Message base features 60 UseNet Adult oriented Newsgroups including asfd and abpef. asfd is never purged on our system, so you can still read posts from a year ago. Files posted to abpef are automaticaly decoded and ready for downloading too! All AB's are invited to use our message base without Subscribing.

To gain access, you simply use the NewUser Password "DIAPERS" at the Access Menu after logging on to the BBS.

For more info, or info on our CD, send email to

(updated 1994-03-24 by
(updated 1996-01-12 by
(updated 2000-02-19 by

Golden Gate BBS
Tel: (415) 864-3972

Primarily a gay BBS with areas that would appeal to the AB community. To gain access to the AB areas send mail to the sysop (sysop or diaperme). All AB's get a free account with 1 hour of access a day.

(added 1995-09-22 by

Starbase One
(904) 651-4761

Stories, pictures, and message areas.

The Diapered One on Starbase One is an area dedicated solely to the needs of Adult Babies. On your first call, a custom Windows terminal will be downloaded to you. After you call back on the custom terminal you are in for a BBS experience like few others. Starbase One runs Excalibur .82, which allows you:

-Point and shoot Windows menus -Upload/Download simutaneously -Full color online previews of pics -Access to 3 CD ROMs online 24 hours a day -Multimedia sound support (for systems capable)

The Diapered One features: -Over 100 AB pictures -All the latest story updates from ASFD, as well as hundreds of complete stories -Private message board accessible only by other ABs -Free week of access to new users (2 hours a day, unlimited downloads!)

E-mail the sysop to get on the best (only?) AB Board on the East Coast!

(updated 1995-04-25 by

Section G

Websites, Magazines, Publications, and Other Media
Adult Baby Radio

Streaming MP3 server that has AB content and shows.

(added 2004-04-04)

Aestetic Press
P.O. Box 1247
D-35449 Heuchelheim
WWW: (German version)

"Couche!" is a glamour photo magazine dedicated to diaper-lovers. The stated purpose is to publish a high-class and non-pornographic diaper magazine in a professional manner with a high standard of craftmanship.

The first issue is available as of December 1997. Its size is 20x27 cm and has 64 full-color-pages.

The magazine costs US$26 per issue. They accept only Visa and Mastercard from international customers.

Mostly photos of women.

(added 1997-10-29)

BabyLai's Website

The most famous adult baby in Denmark.

(25-Mar-05, Fluffi)


Danish AB/DL portal.

(25-Mar-05, Fluffi)

Diaper Daze
(added 1998-05-05)

Infantae Press
P.O. Box 12466
Seattle, WA 98111

Publishes a variety of material for the adult baby.

The person who runs Infantae Press caters mainly to the TV/CD community, under the name Empathy Inc., but has a lot of the older AB publications from Amber E. (Mommy Florence)

(updated 1995-11-30 by

KK Lange
Box 1242
D-75302 Neuenburg

Another magazine someone ran across is called "Baby Gum". It's a glossy magazine for adult rubber babies and panty-lovers. ~50 pages. US$29.00.

Postboks 1089
N - 7002 Trondheim
Tel: + 47 / 7351 6280
Fax: + 47 / 7352 4729

Publish several fetish magazines, including one called 'Babies XL'. Their main magazine 'Respect' also has some infantilism material. Nice Black & White photos.

(added 1996-02-07 by babylai)

The Satin Ribbon Little Girl and Sissy Boy Magazine
Echo Publications
PO Box 369
Thompsom, PA 18465

They have published 3 issues thus far. Back issues are available. Price is somewhere around US$10-$12 + shipping and handling. Very much geared to the sissy girl look. Includes a roster-like listing, stories, and pictures. Do be patient, since it can take them a long while to process orders.

Nugget Magazine

Sometimes Nugget magazine has some infantilist stories. Can often be found in adult book stores. I'd appreciate any subscription info.

WhAP! Magazine
Retro Systems
1850 Union St., Suite 1261
San Francisco, CA 94123

A magazine aimed mainly at the dominant female who has a man in her life that needs to be punished. Age regression, diaper punishment, humiliation, and forced cross dressing are all basic tentants of this philosophy.

P.O. Box 392
Turramurra NSW 2074, Australia
Tel: (02) 4893468

There has also been mention of a magazine out of Australia called "Wet Set", which often talks about adult babies, diapers, bed wetting, and golden showers. The magazine is pretty straight forward with sections for letters, stories, pictorials, contact ads, and assorted articles.

The magazine costs $10US per issue or $38US for a 4 issue subscription. They say they accept cash, personal checks (drawn from foreign bank?), Visa, and Mastercard.

Free AB/DL Community

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AB/DL Personal Ads

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Lists every brand of adult diaper available for purchase online.

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Section H

Introduction and Phone Services
Call Mommy
A service of DPF
P. O. Box 4143
Lafayette, IN 47903-4143
Tel: (317) 296-4966

Would you like to talk to a real Mommy? Mommy G would love to talk to you, so give her a call at (317) 296-4966. Prepaid by money order, cashier's check, Visa, or Mastercard. Hours are 12noon to 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time or Central Daylight Time. Mommy loves to tell stories, help you deal with problems, create fantasies, or just gently tuck you into your crib. "Parents" of adult babies are welcome to call also.

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Mommy Gwen
Tel: (800) 528-2183

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted. $2.49/minute.

[The following paragraph taken verbatim from advertisement on ASFD.]

Mommy Gwen is looking for new babies to love...She has a soft, nurturing, sensual voice, and she knows how to make very special little boys feel real good. Mommy Gwen knows just what to do when her babies are bad as well. But what she really likes to do is feed you, bathe you, play with you, tuck you into your own little bed, and keep you warm, secure and happy.

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Sitter Search

We search for and locate trained healthcare professionals who will treat you like the baby you want to be. Ours is an individualized, fee-based service; we do not maintain lists of sitters across the United States. Visit our webpage, and email us if we can help!

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